Quote of the day: How to think.

degrasse tyson quote

One of the reasons why I love this quote by the media loved astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson is because it’s refers to what I believe to be one of the biggest problems in society worldwide today: the lack of critical thinking.

People have stopped thinking. We can blame this on many things, like technology moving rapidly and solving your problems faster, easier access to information, social tendencies or the growing need for parents of newer generations to make life easier for their kids, television, etc.

Schools and universities are applying standard tests. Families impose their closed structure beliefs in children. Grown ups are forced to take dream and inspiration killing jobs that don’t allow them to learn and grow. Mass media tells you that there is a certain way your life should be and for some reason you stick to it, forgetting how to critically think.

Where is the space for curiosity? Why did we stop letting our children question our rules and give them the right to reason with us? Why do we keep buying that Big Mac that doesn’t taste all that good and we know isn’t healthy for us? Why do I keep on buying a new phone each year?
When you know how to think versus thinking what you’re fed to think by the world, you truly become the owner of your life. It really empowers you and opens your eyes to the consequences of every thought and decision you’ve made.

So with this quote I encourage you all to think about what you think and how you think. Challenge your mind and dare to restructure your thinking patterns. Learn to entertain a thought that doesn’t resonate with your beliefs. Most importantly, be rational and objective!

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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