Resolutions: Are You Disciplined Enough?

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When it comes to having self-discipline, some of us less disciplined than we really think. We are like children who promises to behave when going to grocery stores. Do you know what actually happens?  I’ll tell you—they end up doing some sort of crazy vandalism! Store managers are then on the journey to find out the parents of this little brat child.

As far as self-discipline goes, some people are that child.

They have been conditioned to let others be responsible for their own actions. They almost never do what is right by their own decision. We shouldn’t blame them though, it’s just easier to let things bend if it were up to us, right?

If I were to tell myself to wake up early in the morning, it probably isn’t going to happen. On the other hand, I would wake up early for an important meeting if I had to. In fact, I would make sure that I was going to do that.

This is an example of what I mean by being responsible for our own actions.

It isn’t just waking up on time that I have no discipline over, (trust me, I’m trying) but I need to have some kind of outside influence to make myself more disciplined.

Here’s another scenario

If you were your own boss, wouldn’t it be easier to give yourself a day off? After all, there wouldn’t be any direct consequences.

But what if you weren’t your own boss? If you didn’t feel like going to work, would you simply not show up?

The logic is simple. You’d be fire or get in trouble. But wouldn’t you get in trouble if you were your own boss?

The Real Truth

We all set our own boundaries. It is up to us whether we take into account of our own boundaries. Whether we decide to or not, that is what defines our self-discipline.

Speaking of setting boundaries, we end up giving ourselves way too much cushion. We are fearless if we break our own rules. Perhaps if consequences actually took effect when these boundaries are broken, it would give us more incentives to follow our own rules.

The people that are disciplined are those who develop a strong sense of inner strength.

As kids, we would have our parents bugging us to wake up for school. Hopefully by now, we have all learned some self discipline by getting up ourselves. So there are some senses of self-disciplined in us after all!

Having self-discipline is doing what is best and acting on it, whether we feel like doing it or not.

Self-discipline is something that you and I develop overtime. So why practice it at all?

Because it is one of the best personal development tools to use. It wipes out procrastination. It empowers you to overcome any hardship. It makes you that much better overall as a person.

Want to hear the good news?

You already have some sort of self-discipline. Do you shower? Do you brush your teeth? Do you wash your clothes? Are you usually on time?

If so, you are disciplined. If not… Start showing, brush your teeth, and wash your clothes right away. You’ll thank me later.

You can always become more responsible in yourself. But really it takes willpower to do what needs to be done, even if you don’t always feel like doing it. The more self-discipline you are, the more inner strength you carry.

I know that I haven’t blogged for over 2 weeks. Truth be told, each day I felt like I was disconnecting myself towards to you readers. Today, I said enough is enough. I needed to have some sort of responsibility.

As I sit down, and write this blog post, I feel good. I feel excited; letting you readers know that I am still here, providing this content to give you something new to read about.  It feels assuring to know that the next time you visit this website again, you will see something different.

And that is why I practice self-discipline. Because even if there is something that I don’t feel like doing, I know that I will feel better in the end. Doing little things like this can make an impact on the way you feel. Be sure to practice it. Team Team

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