Someone Has to Say It!

The delicate line between expression and criticism.

The moment when the issue is so obvious yet no one speaks up. Does it sound familiar to some of you? It happens every day, almost everywhere.

It is very awkward to tackle issues (especially if it is related to someone close to you) when the problem is so obvious and no one actually tries to make a change regarding the situation.

Factors such as fear, shyness, conformism and several others affect our judgment and block our honest opinion; but the point is, if you want to move on, someone has to say it!

There is a big difference between saying it and being critical with someone, even though the line between an observation and critique is quite fine there are many indicators that can help us determine if we are expressing ourselves in the most efficient way:

Be Objective: Whenever expressing yourself, make sure your opinion is based directly on facts. There is huge way to go between what needs to be done and what you want to do. It is fine to consider your point of view, but make sure it sticks to the actual truth. Always have in mind; a point of view is your own perception of reality, not what you want reality to be.

 Emotions Aside: The most compelling argument can be blurred if the wrong emotions are present. To ensure your message will be received objectively, the emission must lack any personal interests and sound factual to your audience. In most decisions taken, emotions can twist what is actually best for what feels best, and most of the time that illusion fades fast.

 Think more, speak less: Condense your words, make them meaningful. A powerful statement is not a long statement, a powerful statement is the one that captures the attention of those around for a brief period of time and convinces them with facts that the idea is worth pursuing.

 Be Confident: You can convince people with good ideas, but great ideas convince people themselves. If your idea is great, don’t be desperate to convince people around you of it. In most life scenarios people will follow what is most beneficial to them, and if your idea provides that, suggestion is the only thing needed. Pushing it too far can result in sounding desperate or make it sound too good to be true, subtracting a lot of potential from the idea.

 Location, location, location: Be smart about the place and time you say something, it is really important that some information is reserved only to the involved parts and in the right place to ensure the message’s effectiveness.

 When expressing yourself, always remember:

  • Base yourself on facts.
  • Leave emotions behind.
  • Think more, speak less.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Right time and place.


If you judge people, you have no time to love them. – Mother Teresa Team Team

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