Strategy Is About Choosing Where To Play And How To Win

Good strategy is as much about what you don'’t do, as it is what you do.

Good strategy is as much about what you don’’t do, as it is what you do.


Strategy is a game plan for your business.  Te strategy of any business should include a well thought out approach for positioning the business, the competitiveness of the business, customer satisfaction and the process of achieving great business.  A strategy remains an important factor because it includes management choices and alternatives, competitive approaches, and daily operational practices. One fundamental importance of devising a strategy is to proactively shape how a business should be conducted. Another fundamental reason for a good strategy is that it enables your business to perform successfully and efficiently navigate unforeseeable events, competition, or even obstacles.

Business strategy basically helps you define what you want your business to look like, how you want to get there and what specific steps you need to make it a reality. Well thought-out strategy should evolve from the integration of evaluated performances, corrective adjustments, changing conditions, new ideas, and new opportunities.

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