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Thoughtware.com Presents: LiTE Talks

Business innovation is a hot topic these days. The majority of companies worldwide are working on developing a culture of innovation for their businesses. For entrepreneurs, this can represent tough work, but it is...


Dealing With Multiple Personalities At Work

Blending multiple personalities in a workplace can enhance creativity and lead to new ideas. The same situation, however, can also lead to communication barriers, conflicts and lower productivity levels. If you ineffectively staff your...


Best Way to Reach Your Goals: Backwards

Stop trying to be so smart and focus more on avoiding being dumb, suggests one business legend. No one wants to be dumb, so we all look for ways to be more clever. We try...


What It Takes to Be a Leader

I want to lead in my job” “I want to lead in my business” “I want to lead in my work” Do we have what it takes to lead? At home or work, there are...


How to Not Be Anti-You

Do you like bullets in your foot? It really hurts when you shoot yourself in the foot. Especially when you keep doing it over and over. And over. I see this happen all the...

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