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Who and What Do You Work For?

This is an excerpt of an article published in EvolvingBeings.com image credit: scene of the movie “Office Space” How little or how much are you willing to participate in a system that is in...


Why Work Should be a Little More Fun

Today I share with you an amazing reblog from Tibbr.com by Joshua Chu. Totally brill!   Just because managers encourage a few laughs in the office, does not mean the office is going to look...


Keeping Up With Work Environment

The way the workplace is constructed—physically, virtually, and managerially—can have a critical impact on employee productivity, passion, and innovation. Aside from the job scope itself, one factor that significantly influences how employees feel about...



It’s all too easy to spend much of our time keeping track of what other people are up to, seeing their (apparent) happy and productive lives, measuring against our own, and finding ourselves wanting....

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