2013_09_Pokemon-logo-Wallpaper-HD-Background-GamesPokémon Franchise is back!

To all fans of the franchise, Pokémon is back. Finally the acclaimed franchise from GameFreak and Nintendo is making its way to the 3DS console. With totally renewed graphics and a big scope of the old good Pokémon past generations, Pokémon is surely a must buy for a 3DS owner (or a good reason to get one). The game has sold a staggering amount of four million units so far, proving the huge success and acceptance it has received.

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Grand Theft Auto V hits the shelves!

GTA, one of the most acclaimed (and criticized) franchises in video industry is back, with an open world no other video game could match. The fifth installment of the series develops in Los Santos, a vast world with such an amount of things to do that assures the player the sense of total freedom; in a sandbox world so well detailed that assures the player a new experience around every corner. The series has been so well received that it holds at this point seven Guinness World Records, to show that not only video games are the top selling media, but also that they are a global phenomena.

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Microsoft released Windows 8.1

Criticized by many, regarded by some and hated by game programmers; for good or for bad, Windows 8.1 is here. This release of Windows brings the old and missed corner stone of the OS, the Start button is back! With updated search features that not only let you locate files or programs, but as well provides actions and a revamped multiple on-screen application system, Windows tries one more time to cater for their users needs. Receiving not great but not bad reviews, this update will surely make the Windows experience a little smoother.

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Nexus 5 leaked by Google

The new powerhouse phone from the G giants was leaked, and not by some Chinese manufacturer leak, this time by Google itself. The Nexus 5 was placed in a buying list among Google Play website, at a price point of $349 for the 16GB model. The specs listed on Google Play for the phone are very well suited for a high end device, and the price point is in all sense attractive. Time for a Nexus 4 upgrade? Maybe at that price, it is.

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