The Art of Mastering Life

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Did you ever think it was possible to do everything you wanted? In this article I’m going to try my best to explain to you according to my personal experiences how to reach the right balance between work and pleasure, two keys of happiness in life.

Human life has basic needs to be fulfilled; experiences that make the normal human being shiver and feel extremely full of life. People start growing and start to know the world, a world based on parameters that have been set by past generations, after a few years, when someone is conscious about their surroundings and start interpreting the world by them and that’s where the fun begins.

The Starter Kit

As time goes by, you start looking around and knowing people with different interests and some very similar to yours. You start socializing; you get surrounded by people that share your interests and so it enhances the experience that makes life a little more interesting. So now you have the right partners in crime, and something to plan ahead for. This process will start to become a vicious circle that will start over, every time you find a new interest.  You will become an expert on this process and eventually be socially active as you feel convinced that you can achieve harder challenges.  But be careful here, do not lose heart to this process or you can really lose your way by getting caught in how big you want people to see yourself, or letting yourself be intimidated by other people’s qualities. Keep your intro to society humble and courageous. The word “courage” comes from the Latin word “cor” which means “heart”, never forget who you are, there’s nothing worse than a man without honor.

Based on my personal experience, human being has 4 basic needs: Love, money, health and fun (a lot of fun). With this factors combined you can simply have the life you always wanted, but you need to figure it out first. Society offers a set of parameters you can easily follow and acquire a stable life style but, before stepping into that, make sure you keep the balance you need to achieve such task.


After some time of filtering interests you hit the stage where you actually have to pay for your survival and you’ve acquired taste, you get a job in places where people are all around the city and places that you have only heard of when your parents have mentioned them. These places, before inexistent, start showing up as real experiences, that you can actually live by yourself. William Reilly wrote the book “How to Avoid Work” throwing into the world a nice set of tips and life hacks that will make you feel as if your work was not even there.


These kinds of experiences may bring stress counterpointed by money. Money is very important but can bring as many problems as solutions. One of the things I have discovered along the way is not to worry about anything, everything will fall by its own weight and you only need to learn how to embrace change and the fact that consequences may work for the good or bad.

A Life to Remember

Love everything you do.  Add a bit of passion and make those little moments of your life epic, every single one of them. Everything you do is not only “one more task” is something that will pull you closer towards a soon-to-be-accomplished objective, those little moments that take your breath away and give you satisfaction are the only events that will fulfill you. Also, having an emotional attachment to something or someone is not always good, people come and go, so you have to learn how to distinguish those who might stay and those who will definitely leave in the following 5 minutes, and it is not as hard as it sounds.

Look around you, there are a thousand ways to amuse yourself, learn to enjoy those small pleasures that life gives you. Life is not only about working and doing big efforts to be accepted by the social groups you want to fit in, there has to be a real reason of why doing so. Find your voice and conquer!

About the author: Roberto Motta is web developer/graphic designer and a Martial Arts athlete. He leads expeditions to the mountain in Honduras. Follow him on Twitter @RobmottaV Team Team

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