The Mindset of Constant Improvement


If you want to optimize your life, a key thing you must have is the mindset of constant improvement. You need to look at different areas of your life and ask yourself: “How can I be better at this?” You should have the belief that you can be better and the desire to make it happen.

Once you have that mindset, you will open a floodgate of ideas. It’s like consciously thinking about red cars and then noticing a lot more red cars than you otherwise would. Similarly, having this mindset will make you notice a lot more ideas for improvement than you otherwise would.

Here are some tips to help you cultivate this mindset of constant improvement:

1. Find your role models.

To improve a certain aspect of yourself, you should find at least one role model in that area. These are people who already possess the qualities you desire. Why do you need them? Because having a concrete example is much better than just having an abstract idea. It’s also more motivating because you know that someone else has done it.

To give you an example: when it comes to the act of reading, my role model is Theodore Roosevelt. I learned about his reading habits in his biography and find it inspiring. Because of his example, now I know what it takes to be a voracious reader.

2. Take notes of your ideas.

Whenever you see something that can be improved or learn how to improve something, don’t forget to write it down. There are at least three reasons why this is important:

  1. You won’t lose the idea.
  2. You free up your mind for creative thinking instead of remembering.
  3. The ideas will cross pollinate and produce new ideas.

3. Prioritize what to implement.

Getting ideas is one thing, but implementing them is a different thing. The fact is: you can’t implement all of them. Your capacity is limited, so you must prioritize what to implement.

To prioritize well, you must have clarity over your life. That’s why it’s important that you invest time in clarity.

4. Make incremental changes.

Not only should you carefully select what to implement, you should also implement them gradually. Don’t be too drastic because it won’t last. Do it step by step.

For instance: if you don’t have a habit of exercising currently, just start with a simple plan. The important thing is that you stick to it and then go from there.


It’s simple, but having this mindset of constant improvement will boost your personal growth. You will look back at yourself years from now and notice how much you have grown.

So what do you think? How do you improve yourself?

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