The new kids on the block: PS4 or Xbox One?

Is it time for a change?

The new console generation is just around the corner and it has names and prices. This year the battle will be held among the Sony’s owned PS4 and the Redmond’s Microsoft owned Xbox One. Since the unveil of both products in this E3, preorders have reached the highest peak the industry has ever seen. But, even though there is a lot of hype, are we truly excited about a new console generation?

Since the first gaming devices, one key moment that changed the way we play and interact with the video game world, were the moments in which new hardware and technologies were introduced. Most of us still remember the jump from playing the 8-bit Super Mario Bros to the 16-bit Super Mario World and even to the more impressive 3D immersion that Super Mario 64 created.

We have seen what companies want to offer and it has been a wild ride, especially from the point of view of the Redmond giants. Microsoft tried to implement DRM (Digital Rights Management, a software solution to piracy that does not permit the user to freely share digital media) in its disk, not allowing users to freely lend each other physical copies of their games. People did not react well to this and the internet bashed Microsoft in every possible way it could.

Sony, making the smart move announced that DRM was not for them and sharing was a key feature of the PS4. Making the Japanese settled Sony king of the hill for a while. Microsoft made the right decision, apologized for the bad turn and decided to remove its DRM policies, even their Xbox division director, Don Mattrick, resigned from his position. Finally Microsoft announced that they will release their new flagship game device on Holiday 2013 in 21 markets.

Price was revealed as well, and all of us gamers or non gamers know economy is not in its brightest spot, everywhere. Microsoft explained that their console will include DVR and the new generation of their camera motion controller Kinect and due to those reasons the console will be released at a price of $499.99. Sony decided not to include the camera for motion capturing with the PS4 and release at a market price of $399.99. We can all agree Sony hit jackpot again.

With all ups and downs, both companies managed to present a very good roster of exclusives and multi platform next gen titles. Extending to heavy developed titles such as Infamous: Second Son and Killzone Shadowfall from Sony to the majestic Titanfall and the epic Ryse: Son of Rome from Microsoft; titles such as

All the mentioned before happened at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) that took place in Los Angeles, June of this year. In German Gamescon, both companies managed to present a new roster of mostly indie games and new footage of their previously unveiled exclusives. Sony decided it was time to give a release day to their newest console experience, and announced that November 15th will be the release date for PS4.

Microsoft announced that in Europe for every pre-order of Xbox One, a free copy of Fifa 14 will be included. As if it was not harsh enough for them to recover from the bad press release of the Xbox One and its DRM policies, Microsoft recently announced that the free copy of Fifa 14 will only be included on the consoles that were first preordered, meaning their special “Day One Edition”. This was not specified at the moment they released the announcement, in fact, the total opposite was stated.

So on, that is what both companies have presented until the date, and at the end what matters is the support they receive from us, the gaming community. In my personal opinion, I dread of Microsoft DRM failed policies and lack of decision towards what they truly want to provide to their customers; although I like very much their exclusives and the way they are catering them to the next gen level.

Hardware is key to make a decision on where to place your buck, Xbox One’s old fashioned DDR3 RAM versus PS4’s high speed DDR5 is one of the highlight in the showdown. Social features that each console presents such as video capture and sharing are also good to take in count. Digital content provided via paid subscriptions on each are as well points for each contender.

People that grew up with a PS1 or an Xbox are tend to stick to this mechanics they are used to, as well digital rewards such as trophies from PS3 and achievements from Xbox 360 will be carried over to their successors and this is also a point of consideration. Opinions might vary and it is also a constant of tradition, but having in mind both consoles will not be compatible with games of the previous generation, this changes a bit.

What do you like or disliked about each company? Do you think is time for a new console or you prefer your loyal current one?

Let us know your point of view in this tech showdown on the comments below! Team Team

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