The Power of Being Thoughtful and Kind


Want to make a real difference? It’s easier than you think.

Being thoughtful and considerate of others is something that many people take for granted. Our lives are very busy and we are often rushed as well. In this fast-paced life, it is often hard to remember that it is important to be thoughtful of all the good that we have in our lives.

As humans, we are fond of focusing on ourselves. Nearly everyone is guilty of not thinking of others as they should. Focusing only on yourself might seem like something that you have to do from time to time, so that you can get what you need to get done, take care of your own business, and really be able to grow in your life. However, sometimes the needs and desires of the people around us are actually more important than our own. And it isn’t something that is hard to do, either.

It only takes a moment out of your day to be thoughtful to others. Just a simple pleasant word, a gentle smile, or a good deed could end up meaning the world to someone else. When we share a moment out of our own lives to be thoughtful to someone around us, it actually helps us live better lives. It makes the world a much better place, too.

Being thoughtful and considerate doesn’t always have to be a huge chore. You don’t have to make special plans to do something. For instance, if you always remember to say “please” and “thank you”, that is being more thoughtful and considerate than many people are. It is just a matter of good manners. It takes little time at all.

There are other ways to be thoughtful. If a friend sends you a gift, send a thank you card. If you haven’t spoken to your grandparent our aunt or uncle in a while, just pick up the phone and call them for a quick hello. If you know that a friend or a member of your family is having a rough time, send them a card or stop by to ask if there is anything that they can do for you. These are all ways that you can be thoughtful in the world around you, and make it a better place.

There are also ways to be thoughtful and considerate when it comes to people you don’t know. Even opening the door for a stranger or for someone with a large package is a simple way to be kind to someone. Cleaning up a mess that isn’t yours, or straightening things that have fallen over are both things that you can do when you in your own home or are out and about. Just doing little things for the people around you can make big differences in their lives. This is what being thoughtful and considerate is all about.

Being thoughtful doesn’t even require you to spend any money, or buy anything for anyone else. You can make a card from scratch paper and send it to a friend, or spend an afternoon picking up garbage on your street. You can ask your parents what you can do to help around the house ? or you can even do things without being asked first.

Doing things that are nice for others can brighten up a whole day, or can help a person change their attitude. Being thoughtful is more than just politeness, it is changing the world for the better, and doing things that you would like others to do for you.

Make an effort to be more thoughtful and considerate to the people around you. You’ll be happy to see how others react to the “new and improved” you. Even a small change of attitude can go a long way, so give it a shot. Being thoughtful is free, effortless, and easy for everyone to do. And if everyone does it, the world will be much brighter.

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