The Psychology of Music

You might love listening to your favorite tunes, but why? What is it exactly that makes someone respond to music in a particular way? This infographic can help explain the psychology of music.

Did you know that music can improve language skills, creativity and happiness? Or that music can help heal some neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Tourettes and autism? Additionally, studying music is shown to have a positive impact on children’s SAT scores.

While many infographics come from questionable sources, the fact that this one is presented by the University of Florida means that the scientific information it presents on the psychology of music aren’t just psuedoscience, but real facts detailing how music enters our bodies and how the brain is affected by music.

the-psychology-of-music_510e25927e035-640x6055This infographic was published on on July 2013. Team Team

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