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Business innovation is a hot topic these days. The majority of companies worldwide are working on developing a culture of innovation for their businesses. For entrepreneurs, this can represent tough work, but it is a discipline that is possible to develop with the help and input of many other professionals.

The ability to be innovative is a major factor that influences business development and it has been acknowledged that it leads to creation of wealth.

This is why we are excited to present LiTE, a production that is a TED-like talk format, short talks of 15 minutes.  LiTE is based in ideas in Leadership, Technology, and Entrepreneurship.

LiTE brings to the spotlight a series of accomplished professionals to share their expertise. The caliber of these speakers makes this talk unique. These individuals range widely in their interests and their approaches, but they all have made a significant impact in their fields.

We believe that ideas are open knowledge that anyone should have access to. Over and over, we have discovered that the people in the bizworld who are most successful and happiest are those who are most generous with their knowledge. Moreover, top-notch entrepreneurs have awareness to spot opportunities, the creativity to innovate, the confidence to take risks and the tenacity to turn concepts into successful businesses. This is where LiTE comes in. We are the platform that allows them to share.

We are honored to invite you to an upcoming event with the Asian Inter-Ivy Association, comprised of the Southern California Asian Alumni Associations of Columbia, Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale.

We seek to bring together accomplished members of our Asian Ivy alumni community to share their thoughts and expertise. The event will be held at Cross Campus, Thursday August 14th. At 7:00 pm., Q&A and plenty of networking will be involved.

There will be video/audio from it available to public here.

These entrepreneurs represent various work fields, and many of their ideas have helped shaped industries and the world we live in, so these are talks you cannot miss.

Visit Asian Inter-Ivy Forum (LiTE) Facebook page for more information.

Here’s LiTE’s official event flyer. Join Us!

LiTE-Flyer Team Team

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