Video: Simon Sinek On How To Lead The Way To Success

Leadership coach and author of the books “Start With Why” and “Leaders Eat Last“, Simon Sinek shares his advice on achieving great success in any area of life by applying the laws of leadership.

Simon has trained with many high profile authorities over the years and has a world of knowledge when it comes to leading teams and organizations in the right direction.

My success is entirely due to the generosity of other people. There’s no question there. I am the same idiot that I was seven years ago, the difference is that other people have said ‘this is interesting’, ‘this is good’, ‘let me help you’. I’m also fully aware that anybody who has ever read my book or seen the TED talks were either given it by someone else or shared it with someone else. And so the only reason any of these things have spread is not because of some sophisticated marketing plan, but because of the generosity of others to share the ideas with other people who thought they would appreciate it.

I am fully aware that my success is because of the generosity of others. – Simon Sinek

Anyone who is planning to create a successful startup needs to watch this video, Simon Sinek hits the nail right on the head with this one!


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