We Give You 6 Good Habits To a Better Life


Today’s life has become so busy that we even do not have time for ourselves. As soon as the day starts, we are lost in a series of activities that seldom feel ending at any stage. We feel as if we have lost something. This is mainly because life has become so complicated these days with many things to do in a single day.

Here is a list of simple things that would help make things simpler and would definitely be a road to happiness.

1. Prepare a daily schedule.  If we make a list of things to be done in a day and set priorities to them, it would definitely help get everything done at the right time. The key rule to remember here is ‘don’t start the next task until you are done with the first one’. Stick to this routine and things would definitely improve.

2. Clean things as you move on. If cleanliness is made a part of the faith in your daily life, things would get much better. This includes keeping your house, workplace and everything else as clean as possible. Make it a habit to put things back after use from where you picked them.

3. Write things down before you forget them. Respect yourself and your time, because you might be repenting at the end that you did not spend the time, as it should have been. A few things to consider before you get old are the youth time, the health, the wealth, and your spare time before you become preoccupied. We need to manage our time extremely carefully in all circumstances.

Always keep a small notebook with you and write things down that you think are to be done. Later prioritize them and assign available time slots for them.

4. Learn to say “no” politely – We are often occupied with helping others at work place, in school, or in society. This often makes us forget our own families. We need to learn how and when to say ‘no’ politely to people when we are reaching the limits and need time for ourselves and our families. Make it a habit to put your family first.

5. Live in the present – This very moment. When in a difficult situation, analyze all the pros and cons, decide something and then stick to your decision no matter what comes ahead. Those who keep changing their decision every now and then are not very successful people in the world.

6. Disconnect from the irrelevant. We often get distracted by what others have with them, how they look like, what do they earn, or what do they think of us. With widely spreading social media in this age, we are deeply occupied with other people’s situations, moods, etc. But what about you? What about your own focus in life? Do this at least once a week: disconnect from all electronics (including social media) and take some time out for your own self. Try to get closer to nature and analyze yourself.

Everyone is different and has his own way of life. Just make sure you are doing right and playing the role you need to play in this world.

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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