Weekend playlist: New Music, New Artists, New Inspiration

Countless songs are being written everyday for us to listen to at all times. Weekends are almost always full of exciting experiences, so many of the songs we want to listen should mimic that  mood. Sometimes weekends just involve sitting back and enjoying yourself. So some songs involve that, too.

Start off the weekend with this amazing tracks from great new artists that will get you going!

Track list:

Bronco – It’s On
Kate Boy – The Way We Are
Goldroom – Embrace
Blood Orange – Chamakay
Menace Beach – Where I Come From
The Districts – Funeral Beds
Angel Olsen – Forgiven/Forgotten
Banks – This Is What It Feels Like
Flat White Family – Is It Raining In Your Mouth
Patterns – This Is Haze

Have a wicked weekend everyone!


Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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