What It Takes to Be a Leader


I want to lead in my job”

“I want to lead in my business”

“I want to lead in my work”

Do we have what it takes to lead? At home or work, there are people who lead and there are people who follow. People generally want to be a leader. However, the question is: Do we have what it takes to be a lead?  Here are ten attributes of a leader:

1. Courage:

A leader is courageous – No one would like to follow a person without courage. Non-courageous leader cannot lead for long!

2. Self control:

A person who cannot control himself / herself cannot control others

3. Justice:

Can a leader be unjust? Can he / she treat some people one way and some people other way?

4. Definiteness of decision:

A person who leads is steadfast in his / her decision.

5. Definiteness of plans:

Successful leader must plan his work and works his plan. It is also said: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

6. Habit of doing more than paid for:

A leader has courage to deliver more than expected from him / her. People who deliver what is expected of them are, generally, followers.

7. A pleasing personality:

A careless person cannot be a leader. Followers will not respect the leader who does not has a pleasing personality.

8. Sympathy and understanding:

A great leader understands people. He / She understands problems of people and strive to find solution.

9. Mastery of details:

A person who is not keen on details cannot hold the leadership position for long.

10. Willingness to assume full responsibility:

The successful leader assumes full responsibility of work done by his / her followers. If one of the followers fail, leader considers that he has failed! If a person in the team is successful, leader give full credit to that person for success and celebrates the team work!

So, do we have what it takes to be a leader? Share your thoughts

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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