What Makes Us Different?


What  makes you understand this article differently than anyone else reading it? Could it be your education level? How about your cultural background? Experience maybe?

Well, the answer to these questions is: yes. All of that make us unique in every way. The combination of all our dreams, goals, failures and success determines who we are. Just like where we come from helps us know, where we want to go.

The following are some of the most outstanding characteristics of what makes us different from the next person that will allow you to get a sense of your life. What matters and what doesn’t.


In life, we walk around either with a negative attitude or a positive one. Think of this as a pair of glasses. If it is sunglasses you are wearing, you will see everything around you a few shades darker. If you have problems reading small print, you would use reading glasses and everything will seem larger. So, your attitude makes these adjustments for you so you can see life through it. If you’re problems are many, having a positive attitude won’t resolve them or make them go away, but it will help you keep a cool mind in order for you to find an answer, quicker.


According to the Google Dictionary, personality is the set of qualities that make someone interesting or popular. Now, if you take a minute or two to think about your most exceptional traits you might come up with a couple. Are you known for these? Are you known as an achiever? A challenger or a pacifist? What attracts others to you?


When you were born, maybe you were brought up in a home of a specific religious belief, whether you now agree with it or not, you are always using those beliefs as a reference point in your life. It either made you stronger or disposed you to go in search of new experiences. How about the belief in yourself? Is this limiting your own potential?


You might think most would aspire graduating from college, finding a steady job and get married. But, according to Selfgrowth.com people’s number one goal is to be happy. And you find happiness through success, not in your career, but in the satisfaction you take in doing each task with excellence. Can you reach the goals you have set for yourself this year?


Are you proud of your culture of origin? Try investigating a little more about your background such as where you come from, what are some traditions and customs your ancestors observed and see if after learning about it,  you can apply it to your daily living. Will this perk up your current way of living?


This seems to be what sets us apart from the rest. If you’ve been hiking up Mt. Vinson, 600 miles from the South Pole, you might be one of the 1,200 successful climbers in the world. Now, if you state that you climbed it while playing Love Me Do on your Gravikord, then I’d say you’re the only one. In other words, what you are doing right now should set you apart. If you’re carrying out a job along with another 99 coworkers, make yours count and stand out. It’s how you do your job that will allow you to become noticed. So, theirs might be the next best thing, but not quite you.


Yes. These count, too. Family, intimate, or even professional relationships make us different and unique. What you’ve learned from your loved ones is what has had the most impact of all. Allowing their experience to teach you how to move ahead in life are one of the great benefits in a relationship, so don’t dismiss their experiences as unimportant (read above).

Life Journey

Where have you set your foot on? What path have you chosen? Are you following the masses or are you leaving behind your own path as you go? Learning how to open way through the jungles of hardship and complexity, you need a precise combination of all of the above to continue on your path until you reach the end.

Be different. Create your own trail as a result of your own experience with the tools you already have.


About the author: David Lopez is a husband, Son, brother,teacher, Learning & Development Officer, reader, googler, facebooker, friend and believer. Currently studying to become a psychologist. He has about 72 more years to live. Speaks 2 ½ languages. When David’s doing none of the above, he takes pictures of anything that can hold still for a few minutes. And for some odd reason, he enjoys listening people talk. Follow him on Twitter @igotitnow

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Thoughtware.com Team

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