When Your Full-time Job Is To Find a Job

Everybody gets fired at some point or another in their life. It might be the perfect opportunity to head in a different direction and find something new and more attractive.

By David Lopez.

You can search around the internet and find many sites with suggestions on how to become a better employee, most of them focus on how to move up in the company and so on. But in the meantime we might ignore the more essential aspects of having a job.

Let’s discuss some points you might want to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your job.

1. Don’t be late often or have a high absentee rate

Whether we find this congenial or not, remember, we are being paid for our time in our place of work. So never be late for work, and if you need to be absent, make sure you have a valid excuse ready. If you do the opposite you may be allowing yourself the opportunity to look for a new job.

2. Think of serving the company’s purpose rather than just your own

When you just do your job, tending only to your needs, then you are putting the company’s needs second. As a result, when the time might come to clear some space, they won’t hesitate to put your needs in second place to theirs. Make yourself a valuable asset to the company and start asking yourself how you can further collaborate to the goals of your company

3. Keep your inappropriate comments to yourself

We tend to exert our right every chance we get. And sometimes we might say a little more than we should, whether sexual, racist or vulgar. Keep in mind you are in a professional business environment where some four-letter words might not be part of the office lingo. Most companies have well established and clearly-defined values, so leave those for after work.

4. Don’t procrastinate

Unable to do or complete your assignments? Remember all those qualities you mentioned on your interview such as prioritizing and multitasking because if you’re caught unable to perform duties on the job you could be on your way out quicker than you could expect, since you are being paid exactly for the sole purpose to complete work.

5. Be pleasant

It is known that employees who simply can’t get along with their coworkers will become a greater distraction with time. Your boss really wouldn’t want to deal with situations that are brought up on a daily basis just because of you. You could be more productive if you allowed yourself to be a team player. Besides, who wants to work in a hostile environment?

6. Be flexible

Those who have a tendency to be rigid and inflexible have a more difficult time adapting to their environment. Were you asked to stay a couple of hours after work? Stay. Don’t complain to anyone. Keep in mind that while what you do is important, the attitude you adopt while doing it is more important.

7. Maintain a positive attitude

Negativism grows and spreads. Don’t be the one your boss avoids delegating to just so he cannot be sucked into that pessimistic and depressive state you always find yourself in. Sooner or later your boss can decide you are no longer capable of carrying out your responsibilities the way they are intended.

Let’s imagine you didn’t put any of these tips into practice and now you find yourself sitting in front of your boss to get the unexpected bad news. What now?

Well, take a deep breath and relax. Everybody gets fired at some point or another in their life. It might be the perfect opportunity to head in a different direction and find something new and more attractive.

Keep a positive attitude and learn from your mistakes.

About the author: David Lopez is a husband, Son, brother,teacher, Learning & Development Officer, reader, googler, facebooker, friend and believer. Currently studying to become a psychologist. He has about 72 more years to live. Speaks 2 ½ languages. When David’s doing none of the above, he takes pictures of anything that can hold still for a few minutes. And for some odd reason, he enjoys listening people talk. Follow him on Twitter @igotitnow

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