Why You Need to Live Your Dreams to Make Your Life Meaningful


What do you think is the number one regret of the dying?

That they didn’t work harder? Fulfill somebody else’s expectations? Or that they made more money?

Of course that’s not what they regret.

Read on to learn about what people really regret before they die and how you can use this knowledge to make sure you live a meaningful life.

The most common regret people have on their deathbeds

Bronnie Ware, an Australian nurse, cared for the dying in the last three to 12 weeks of life for several years. Though you might not expect it, working in an environment were death was always present taught her a lot about life.

One thing she was particularly interested in was what her patients regretted now that their life was almost over. The answers were so fascinating that she made them into a book called “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying“.

The most commonly named regret:

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

“This was the most common regret of all.”, Bronnie says “When people realise that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. “

“Most people had not honored even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made.


If not living our dreams is the most common regret of the dying, then why do we spend so much time trying to build a life around money, status and the expectations of others?

It doesn’t make sense. The only thing that does is to dare living our dreams.

How to give your life meaning: Live your dreams

If you’re anything like me, reading about what people regret on their deathbed makes you think about the way you’re currently living your life. It makes me want to go out there and live BIG, do the things I’ve always wanted to do not just on occasion, but to build a lifestyle around it.

So I can live a life that matters.

As a matter of fact, this is what Bright Little Socks is all about. I’m here to support you in living your dreams so you can create a life that has meaning to you. One that you’re passionate about. I do this not only because I believe that this is the only way to live, I do this because I believe that happy people will change the world, and helping you live a life you love is how I play my part in it.

Now what’s the first step to living your dreams? It’s to find your dream. If you don’t know what your biggest dreams are, which is the case for most of us when we’re just starting out, you cannot take the steps necessary to create a life you love

That’s why I’m creating a series about finding your dream to help you take the very first step it takes to live a meaningful life.

Over the coming weeks I’m going to share with you my best knowledge and lessons learned about everything you need to know to identify your own big dream.

It’s gonna be fun.

In the mean time, I want you to leave a comment and answer this one simple question:

Do you believe that living your dreams is vital to live a fulfilled life?

This article was orginally written by IRIS for brightlittlesocks.com

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