Work Ethic: Work Hard & Be Nice to People


True success requires true genuine work ethic, and you cannot Wikipedia your success in the work force. This metaphor heavily applies to today’s younger generation today who believe that work should be easy…it is something you do with your hands while simultaneously playing on your cell phone.

They believe that simply showing up and saying “I tried” are what counts. Many people who make up today’s younger generation believe that success should be handed out to them on a silver platter. These are the people who grew up in a generation where they have been able to hand in a decent research paper because they likely went to Wikipedia for the answers—not because they spent endless hours in multiple libraries reading numerous primary and secondary sources to create an original research paper.

Unfortunately, this younger generation is not going to be able to Wikipedia the answers to true success in the work force. It is going to take genuine work ethic. They are going to have to work hard for success. In addition to a strong work ethic, they will need to have a strong contribution ethic. Those people with a contribution ethic are far and few between. However, they have always been the ones to drive the economy and reach new heights of success

What is involved in having a strong Contribution Ethic?

1. Just help. Make yourself useful. You aren’t just there, waiting. There is no waiting. Success does not come by waiting. Therefore, just help.

2. A great player is worth less than a great teammate. A great player might or might not improve the group, but a great teammate ALWAYS does.

3. Innovation is a subversive activity. Most ideas are suggestions and most suggestions are complaints…a complaint about the status quo or the system. However, even a great and original idea will meet resistance. That is why you need to demonstrate how the idea will work. This concept also applies when you run into an obstacle. Before you go to someone in the workplace for advice on how to overcome the obstacle, first you should think of several original problem-solving ideas yourself. Strive for originality.

4. Giving time without attention is a gift-wrapped empty box. Have you ever read a book and realized you had no idea what occurred? This is time wrapped in a gift-wrapped empty box.  You should be immersed in what you are doing. You and your time are both valuable.

5. Assume the best. Always smile back. This will put the odds in your favor. Cynicism is not the characteristic of any victor.

6. Being right is overrated. Making yourself useful will generate more progress and success than always being right.

7. Being wrong is underrated. You learn from your mistakes. Accept that there will be times when you made an error, because admitting you were wrong is wisdom gained.

9. Always bring something to read. Learn from others, others more experienced, and apply that knew knowledge to yourself and share it with others.

10. Have the mentality of a hero, and actively work like an artist. In the end the hero’s mentality will contribute helpfulness, and the artist will have explored and learned something new. When kind attention meets curiosity, you move with grace as well as vigor through the world.

These ethics are what entail true work ethic. They are what will help you become successful. They are habits and mentalities which you cannot Wikipedia  They are habits and mentalities that you must actively think and act upon over and over again in order to succeed. Team Team

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