Work Hard, Play Hard? Not So Much…

Originally by Robert Spadinger

You have been told, “If you want to succeed, you have to work very hard,” and “Only those who work really hard will make it in life.”

But is this really true?

Of course, if you work really hard, there is a chance that will make a nice living. But is this really what you want: suffering, pushing and struggling for many years – maybe even for decades – to make some money and to be seen as someone who “made it” by your peers?

Yes, if you want to get from LA to New York you can walk – that’s the hard way. But, you could also take the plane and have a much more enjoyable experience.

What’s the problem with hard work?

Hard is synonymous with pushing, forcing and struggling. And, in that state of mind, it is impossible to connect with your inner genius, to get into the flow and to create truly outstanding results.

Hard work also means there won’t be much joy, excitement and happiness for the next 3, 5, or maybe 10 years until you reach your goal. And even then you have no guarantee that all your hard work will lead to success and happiness.

You know, the world is full of very hard working people who remain poor, broke and unhappy, no matter how many hours they put in.

If hard work isn’t the way to go, what’s the solution?

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