“You are what you eat”:The Truth Behind It


I’m sure we’ve all heard that phrase many a time.  In fact, if I had a dime for every time my mom told me that I’m going to ‘turn into kettle corn one of these days’ I’d be a rich woman.  I never really thought about it’s meaning; instead it has always served as a stock phrase in my life that went in one ear and out the other.

Well, upon hearing this saying recently, I got to thinking about it this time around.  You are what you eat. What a funny saying, and how scarily accurate.  The food that one consumes is quite literally the building blocks for cells in the body.  We get amino acids from protein, the very amino acids that go on to become enzymes and hormones that circulate our body.  We get glucose from carbohydrates, which goes on to provide energy to the muscles that allow us to move and the brain that allows us to think.  We get lipids from fats, these lipids go on to aid in cell synthesis and help us to absorb vitamins.  Sorry for the mini biology lesson, but I find linking food to the human metabolism on such a small scale to be quite fascinating.

You are what you eat. While those five little words are often turned into a joke, or said in passing, it is important to remember that food supplies more than just calories. It gives us the building blocks on a micro level to build and maintain a healthy body and a clear mind.

A healthy diet is an important part of being a good leader. Just how important, you might be surprised.

Take Action!

I challenge you to think about how your own eating and hydration habits serve your cells or your organs.  Thinking about food on this level is actually quite refreshing.

Quick note: Remember that it’s the overall pattern of intake, not individual meals or foods that give rise to your total diet.  You’ll never hear me demonize any one food or restaurant.  Healthful eating demands balance.

… What do you think? Are YOU What You Eat? Do you accept the challenge? Let’s meet in the comments and chat about this topic!


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