You’ve Been Laid Off! How This Isn’t That Bad


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Getting fired is never a great experience. There are heaps of reasons that you might end up out of a job, but whatever your circumstances, there’s a few things you should know and do.

Start Looking For a New Job

The longer you’re out of work, the more difficult it is to find a job. So start looking for a new job straight away. You’ll probably have to dust off and update your resume, too. But this can mean a great opportunity to new life and career experiences.

Getting fired can be one of life’s most stressful experiences. The higher you are in the corporate structure, the greater the harrowing impact. The first reactions to being fired are usually anger and pain, followed by feelings of confusion and disillusionment. Unless these feelings are aired out with a spouse, friend or counselor, your self-esteem can become shaky. You can be overwhelmed by a crippling sensation of powerlessness, depression and fear.

A Well-Disguised Blessing

While getting laid off is never a boon for your career, it can still be a positive experience. If you use the break for self-improvement instead of self-pity, you can emerge a winner. Yet few people view termination as an opportunity to lay a foundation for future career satisfaction. When you’re unemployed, you have a chance to explore new careers and fields, find a better-fitting job, or perhaps even start your own business. An enforced sabbatical provides an excellent opportunity for self-rediscovery. Who are you? Why do you do what you do? What do you really want to do for work?

At first, being fired is definitely shocking, painful and extremely hard on your self esteem. I know a lot of you out there have been (or still are!) in similar situations.

So here are my 5 last tips:

  1. No successful career goes straight up and to the right, and “bumps in the road” is one helluva euphemism for reality periodically kicking your ass.
  2. Behind most successful products and businesses are entrepreneurs who were turned down a hundred times.
  3. Winning is great, but you learn more from losing.
  4. Failure and loss, especially getting fired, is not only a source of great wisdom, it’s also necessary to keep that fire that drives you burning inside.
  5. When you’re down, especially when you’ve hit rock bottom, gains are relatively easy to come by. When you’re on top, just maintaining your position is a real challenge. Team Team

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