10 Fun Monday Night Activities You Can’t Do At Home

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You’ve got the night off. Time to do something fun. Something that doesn’t involve your TV. Something that involves actually getting in your car and leaving the house.

1. Find a haunted house and explore it.

2. Go see an open mic comedy show. For super bonus points, make a pact with a friend to perform at one. They’re generally low-pressure rooms, and you only get a few minutes. So get up there, tell your funniest story, or just rant about something you think is dumb… and BOOM. You are now, officially, a stand-up comic.

3. See some live jazz. Chances are your town is crawling with good musicians. And when they’re not recording or on the road, they’re playing somewhere. Probably somewhere near you. Google it.

4. Go to an after-hours attraction at a local museum. Check your local museum’s website, or look it up on Time Out or your local lifestyle mag… but a lot of museums are open late, and you know what that means? No loud kids.

5. See a movie at a drive-in theater. Yup, they still exist. And they’re just as awesome as you think they’ll be.

6. Two words: cosmic bowling. It’s like regular bowling, but in space.

7. Go to a part of town you’ve never visited before. There are all kinds of cool things to do just a short drive away!

8. Pop some tags at your local thrift shop. Or, if you want to pay more for the exact same stuff, check out a “vintage store.”

9. Go to Costco and craft an entire meal out of free samples. For bonus points, put on formalwear and address the store employees as “waiter.”

10. Pick a point on a map and investigate it. For bonus points, turn off your GPS and just… go.

The further you go, the more interesting things get.

Photo Source: Modelinia.com

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