Mastering the Art of Passion


You have probably heard the terms ‘find your passion’ or ‘follow your passion’ a few times, and they’ve probably been accompanied with promises of infinite happiness and fulfilment. Of course there is truth in the idea that doing things you ‘love’ can lead to positive emotions and enjoyment.

However what about when doing what you love takes over your life so that you can’t seem to be able to do anything else? Or what about those people who don’t know what their ‘one true passion’ is?

One thing you need to understand is passion is a way life. This passionate way of being fuels your positive emotions and happiness. It leads to you feeling energised, so you’re not only investing energy into activities but you’re actually gaining it back as you do them. It also leads to a sense of freedom, in which you feel like you have no boundaries or limitations, and that you can remain flexible throughout the choices in your life, and hence spot new opportunities.

Take a moment and watch this passionate speech given by the actor Charles Chaplin. We are all great men, men of passion.


Image via Team Team

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