Do it Well or not at All

“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” – John W. Gardner

The huge difference there is between some cold boxed pizza versus a really delicious homemade dish, is the direct result of a recipe that has been perfected over decades among generations of loving people, whose desire is only to provide the best that is available for their loved ones. That is the difference of something just made out to cope with a need of any kind and something that is created not only to fit standards but to elevate the expectations in every sense of the word. Are we cooking generic pasta or are we cooking up our great grandmother’s lasagna recipe?

As we complete simple tasks such as a recipe, others a little more complicated such as an expense report, and others more personal such as packing lunchbox we can determine if we are simply doing those tasks or if we are doing it well. But where is the difference of simply doing it and doing it well? “Doing it well” has several key pointers that “just doing It” doesn’t possess.

Responsibility it’s a must in doing it well; it creates a real compromise in what we are doing. Something created out of necessity is not meant to last, but something built out of commitment and self involvement becomes part of us, lasting as much as we do.

Dedication is the level of involvement you have and the strength to pursue any goal with excellence, the more dedicated you are, the more the level of involvement and the greater the results. It is only through personal investment that self realization that this is achieved; true dedication is the key to surpassing the average barrier.

Patience, as outdated as it might sound, simple patience is also a key to success. Dedicating time and not seeing immediate results might result in frustration, to maintain dedication alive, patience is needed. Only through lasting dedication a task changes from being achieved to be achieved with excellence.

Passion is the fuel that keeps our goals on track, the really true way to avoid quitting and main ingredient to success. Try to be passionate about every single aspect of your routine, to strive every role you part on life with nothing more than triumph as a possible outcome.

Let’s remember that as much as we do, there is a huge difference in doing and doing it the right way. Every part of your life is subjected to this matter and efficiency is not a stranger on every role we undergo as entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers, sons or daughters. The way we walk the paths we choose for our goals will vividly reflect on the results at the end of the journey. Let’s have in mind that life is not only about walking the road, but enjoying the walk with responsibility, dedication, patience and among all passion for life!


Always remember:  Do it well, OR NOT AT ALL! As master Yoda once said: “Do or do not, there is no try.” Team Team

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