Ensure Success: Set Realistic Goals

When affecting change in our lives we are often stymied by our own human nature to get things done and get them done now.  I want those ten pounds gone tomorrow!  Patience and our lack of it is a certain killer of change.  Even if we lost those ten pounds in one day, they will be back tomorrow.

Our unrealistic expectations are also another certain killer of change.   We set our goals based on these unrealistic expectations.  Combine poor goals with our lack of patience and our much needed or wanted change does not have a chance.

Setting good attainable goals with realistic action steps are key to not only implementing change but also to help curb the desire to quit when our patience runs thin.

Realistic goals are what we need. We can dream of flying jumbo jets, driving Bugatti Veyrons, walking on Mars, traveling at the speed of light, having a billion dollars in the bank, or other such unreachable objectives . Those aims are just completely out of sight – and we can have a perfectly enjoyable life without them anyway.

But reality must play a part in our life. We can daydream all we want but life is here to stay and up front and personal. We need to tackle it as such. Sure expand your horizons (greatly if you want), tackle huge personal projects, and so on.

Goal setting made real.

Realism and goal setting – realistic goals – is another natural step in the SMART setting goal process. With being realistic we are now focusing on how we can make the goal come true in our life.

If we are uncertain about the specifics of our goal, or our means of measuring progress, or our means of achieving or attaining our target where will this leave us? The fact that our aim is real and meaningful for us, but with the other stepping stones in disarray – how can we hope to get to our prize? Or know that our prize is what we really want to obtain?

Just keep it real

Realistic goals can make a real difference in your life. Keep one foot on the ground – we don’t have wings – but dream by all means. Realize you can be more today than you were yesterday . See an ‘improved’ you and put the effort in and what in life can stop you from achieving the targets you set yourself ?

And really having the life you have always dreamed about. Put one building block in place at a time and be amazed at what you can achieve.

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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