10 Positive Habits To Power Up Your Life



Trust karma. But when you do something good, be genuine and do it from your heart, not because you’re expecting something good to happen to you later.

Volunteer. That one hour you spend talking to that pregnant teenage mother or that one hour bonding with that orphan might (just might) change the course of their lives more than you could ever imagine.

Embrace your emotions (So long as you’re not hurting others). We’re meant to feel happiness, fear, sorrow, anger, disappointment, jealousy, passion, love… the full spectrum. I believe it’s what makes us more humble, human, more accepting and patient.

Count your blessings… Every. Single. Day. Never take anything for granted. There’s always someone out there in circumstances far worse than yours. So stop pitying yourself, pick yourself up, and be the fighter you know you are.

Cherish every moment with loved ones as if it was the last. Tell the people you care about, you love them as often as you can. Life is too short and at the end of the day those people are the ones that will stay in your life as long as you live.

Judge less, accept more. No one is perfect. Everyone has a story, a battle of some sort, that no one else knows about. Keeping this in mind has helped me tame my (previously unstable) temper!

Meditate. You’ll never be more in tune with your own body and learn to take care of yourself emotionally, mentally and physically until you learned to meditate properly.

Lists and more lists! This sounds a bit ridiculous but this will change your life in ways you cannot image. You’ll become so much more organized and focused. And forget less. Believe it or not, it’ll help you gain more confidence and get over bad times easier!

Find an outlet to your emotions. Your body is nothing but a medium, a vessel; and it can only handle so much. Embracing your emotions is important but releasing those emotions is just as important (yes, even the good ones)! Find an outlet that helps you use your emotions constructively. 

Last but not least, follow your heart but take your head with you. Ask yourself twice if you really need that new pair of shoes you say you love when your shoe-rack is already crumbling under the weight of two dozen pairs. Ask yourself twice if you’re really dating him/her because you genuinely like them or because deep down you’re feeling lonely. Life is short. Don’t waste your time on mistakes that could’ve been easily prevented by thinking twice and having an honest conversation with yourself!

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