Enter the Abs: Six Weeks to Bruce Lee Abs!

Deron Day 0 2

Me, day 0: July 20, 2013 vs.

Bruce Lee Abs 1 Bruce Lee, of course

It started as a bet, in all places of Las Vegas, by the pool…and now, the match is on!

Life has a funny way with ruining your perfect body. You cross the four decade mark, quit the gym, injure your foot running for two years, savor your wife’s home cooking, and surprisingly, out of nowhere that chiseled body of yesteryear is now a memory.

Now, Enter the Abs…my six week journey to a Bruce Lee inspired six pack. Truth be told, I have never had a true ripped six pack so this is definitely a challenge.

In fact, I will start my disclaimers here first: I do not do kung fu or martial arts. I will not be going to a gym; stopped going a while ago. This will be an at home challenge, but with some basic equipment like running shoes, pull-up bar, some free weights, and rubber bands…so really, anyone could do this too (and that’s the point)!

So with $200 and now massive amounts of pride on the line, I start my journey like I would a start-up company:

1. Create a vision statement and painted picture: Develop Bruce Lee inspired abs. Reduce body fat and increase muscle definition for a six pack.  Have fun and be aware of the process; what’s hard, what I enjoy, and how it changes over time.  Inspire others to transform their body or just get healthier!

2. Seek Expert Advice: Find personal friends who are fitness and nutrition gurus. Watch experts on YouTube and read magazine articles on ab development, health, and nutrition.

3. Create a Plan: Weeks 1-2: fat burn, running, cardio, and beginner ab exercises. Weeks 3-4: build all around muscle, focus on technique and more weights. Weeks 5-6: real ab focus and heavier weights. Running: I will only do every other day max; short runs 2-3 miles during the week and long runs 4-6 miles during weekend. Make sure I rest muscle groups by alternating workouts.

4. Get Accountability Partners: Organize group run on weekends and a run partner during at least one week day workout. Check-in with fitness friends to stay on track and motivated. Of course, posting publicly is the ultimate accountability!

5. KPIs: Measure my progress in a daily journal for miles run and work-out routines and reps. Also included in the journal what meals I eat; but no calorie counting (too intense).

6. Diet &Supplements: Like monitoring company cash flow; make sure there is enough calories to be efficient but not too much to be wasteful (fat converting). No cleanses, fasts, or quick dieting here. Supplementing is important, so I will make sure drink EnergyFirst protein shakes and Greenergy, from my friend Gerry Morton’s company, EnergyFirst. Also watch my carb and sugar intake. No alcohol; Summer vacation bummer. No fried foods; double bummer anytime. Much more on diet later.

Okay, so wish me luck and check back each week to see the progress until September 2!

If you wish to join in the challenge or get inspired to do so, feel free to email me: deron@thoughtware.com for suggestions on sites, exercises, diet, and motivation.

You can do this too!!


Deron Quon

Deron Quon

Editor-in-Chief of Thoughtware.com.

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