A Sip of Life:Because You Can

drinkchampagneSo let’s just go with a random day. Where anything can happen, from success, to failure, to the most unimaginable possibilities such as a miracle all down to tragedy, and hell let’s just throw in a couple of talking trees, and animals. We just might as well step into Alice’s world in wonderland or just call it our own reality.

Anything that is imaginable is possible. After all, our own minds create our own reality, isn’t that so? We put these limitations though but let’s face one thing; there is nothing better than chilling every now and then. Loosening up, as they say, take the time to drink champagne and dance on the table.

Life is short, enjoy it. Here’s a Russian proverb to think about, “He who doesn’t risk, never gets to drink Champagne.” Now I get it, in life for more than one reason or another, we tend to fret over the smallest things. We think about what if’s and stop launching ourselves into a new adventure because fears and insecurities hold us back.

There’s something special about Champagne. It’s all bubbly.  Helps you loosen up. Now keep in mind, it is said that Champagne should not be drunk, it should be tasted. One should not swallow it greedily. One should taste is slowly in narrow glasses, in well-spaced, thoughtful sips. This was from some French author. Colette I believe.  Sounds nicely put right? Maybe that’s how we should take life, and why not dance on a table? Be carefree, take the risk, and enjoy the moment.

We can get so caught up with routine, cramming up all these responsibilities; we just let our life slip through our finger tips. Do you really want to be one of those old gray haired, maybe bald, cranky people, sitting on a rocking chair with no actual tales to share? No true success, nor failure stories?

Get up then, wake up from that slumber and remember there’s more to the usual out there. That there’s always room for improvement, that it is possible to enjoy and distress a bit and do what that midget, Napoleon Bonaparte did, drink champagne when he won, to celebrate…and drink champagne when he lost, to console himself.

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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