Is It Time to Quit Your Job?

Everyone has bad days at work or even long periods when they feel disheartened about their job. But how do you know the difference between ordinary, occasional dissatisfaction and a genuine mismatch? How do you know when you’re truly ready to move on? And how do you then get out gracefully? Before you quit a job, you should be very sure that you want to quit. Keep in mind that this is a tough job market. Hating your job might not be a good enough reason to quit unless you have another job lined up. That said, there are legitimate reasons to quit a job. There are also circumstances beyond your control where quitting may be the only viable option. Sometimes, even if the work environment is difficult, it can be strategic to give another reason for quitting other than you hate working at the company. Being polite about quitting can help you quit without burning any bridges.

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