How to get respect from your boss.

Thinking that you boss hates you is a really tough thing to face whether it’s perception or reality. We know from our research data on happiness at work that it’s something which can drain your confidence, decrease your resilience, affect your motivation  and mean you fail to achieve your potential. In fact being respected by your boss is one of the key drivers for high happiness and top performance at work. And if you have high respect from your boss, we know a couple of other interesting facts too. High respect from your boss indicates that you’ll respect him or her in turn, that they’ll respect the team and that there’ll be high inter-collegial respect too. If you think your boss doesn’t like you, frankly it’s hard to like them in return. But there’s something more serious besides. Thinking that your boss dislikes you also indicates that you’ll experience much lower levels of trust. And of course there’s a high cost for low trust. That high cost is paid through less comfortable communication, worse co-ordination and far less co-operation.

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