Make the Impossible Your New Possible

Sometimes you get stuck. To get started again, you don’t have to slay a dragon. You just have to reset the default.


If you find yourself stuck, stop thinking you need to do everything. You just need to do something. Anything.

It doesn’t have to be superhuman. *It just has to be done.

Instead making herculean efforts, trade out glamour for consistency, and retrain some of your habits.

The focus here is on changing your default.

So, instead of just walking through life like a zombie, you set a standard that you have to hit – every single day, no matter what. And it’s the absolute minimum that you can do.

Instead of just showing up, you’re doing xyz.

  • Instead of not working out at all, at the very least you’re doing 100 pushups.
  • Instead of writing when you feel like it, you have to write at least 750 words every day.
  • Instead of getting nowhere with your business, you’re at least making 25 cold calls.
  • Instead of not progressing with the things you want to, at the very least, you’re knocking one thing off your impossible list every month.

Every day. Day after day. Repeat. Consistently focus on consistency.

Cold shower therapy is the same thing in a stupid-simple basic form. If you’re paralyzed, doing something as simple as purposely making yourself uncomfortable and cold in the shower can be your bare minimum.

If you’re not sure you can hit your goal, blackmail yourself. I just did this. I hadn’t worked out in a few days, and my routine was all of out whack. I made a bet with Vic that I’d work out every day of the week, or he’d get $1,000.

It’s as simple as that. I worked out every day of the week, and now it’s a habit. This is a rock-solid way to force yourself into developing a good habit.

The keys to resetting your default are:

  1. Set a new default.
  2. Stick to it.

2a. If it involves you doing something uncomfortable, take cold showers too.

2b. If you’re not sure about being able to complete it, bet a ridiculous amount of money on you doing it (you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to change things when there’s money on the line).

So how bout you? Do one thing every day that scares you.

Originally by Joel Runyon for Impossible HQ Team Team

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