Follow These Steps and Wave “Adieu” to Your Crappy Self Confidence


It doesn’t matter what stage of life we find ourselves in, somehow we all go through a little hell called doubt.  Sometimes we doubt our knowledge, our capabilities, our future, our friends, our jobs etc..

And then it hits us, that life is somehow like a cycle. We move from one doubt to another, from one confusion, to less or maybe more confusion. But in the end it all falls back in place.

So, without any further ado, here are some simple steps to getting your confidence back (or at least I hope so).

Be aware. Get to know yourself and understand when the negative feelings you’re experiencing are due to a low state of mind. Coming to terms with what’s going on in your life will eventually make things easier to confront.

Assert yourself. In relationships, be assertive by communicating your needs, feelings and opinions openly. If you don’t then acceptance isn’t based on anything authentic and you sacrifice your integrity as a person.

Be alone. Spend time with your thoughts and feelings through journal-ling, meditation or yoga (so relaxing), or spend time by yourself in nature. Nothing like nature’s touch to find yourself.

Accept yourself. Accept any misfortune you might have as part of being human and work on areas that you want to change, without feeling the need to do so in dramatic ways and lose your essence completely.

Stay positive. If one negative thing happens in a day, a week or even a year, that tends to be what we focus on. Try to acknowledge all the good things and opportunities that life gives you and say “thank you” out loud. It’s a good exercise to help you see that you’re focusing on the wrong things.

Discover your inner passions. It’s important to nurture your talents and interests. Creative activities will affect  you positively. You will feel useful and estimated.

Seek for a role model and then become one. If there is anyone out there who makes you feel strong and powerful, that is surely the kind of people you should surround yourself with. People who inspire you to become THE VERY BEST you can be. Once you get there, inspire others to do the same.

Nurture yourself. Do things that have no goal or objective other than just to making you feel good. Loosen up and have fun for a change. A little fun never hurt anyone.

Take responsibility. This is something I used to do so very often. Don’t blame others for the decisions you make. You have no idea how liberating it is when you take ownership for your own actions. Regardless if good or bad, make sure you take full credit for whatever YOU chose to do.

Ask for help. When you’re experiencing low self confidence, it is extremely important that you talk to someone about it. It can be your best friend, your spiritual guru, your mom etc.. Just as long as it’s someone that will actually give you good feedback and assertive comments.  Someone that will build you up, you don’t need more negativity.

So there you have it. Simple yet effective ways to move around life and boost your self confidence. Male or female, tall or short, fat, skinny or fit, regardless of your shape and form, a healthy self confidence is by far your best asset!

How’s your self confidence doing? Share your experiences with us!
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