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Monday Blues: 5 Tips To Fight It

    Recent studies results have shown that suicides are more likely to occur on Mondays than any other weekday, and not surprisingly, the amount of suicides are the least during weekends. It is also...


3 Steps to a More Relaxing Weekend

To make Monday through Friday run more smoothly, tweak your weekend routine and take advantage of the extra free time. Saturday and Sunday tend to fly by, but if you learn to make the...


Weekend Stress Relief Tips

If you want to feel fresh on Monday morning, it is important you get some relaxation time on the weekend. If you have run out of ideas how to relieve stress in the weekend, this...

Weekend playlist: New Music, New Artists, New Inspiration 0

Weekend playlist: New Music, New Artists, New Inspiration

Countless songs are being written everyday for us to listen to at all times. Weekends are almost always full of exciting experiences, so many of the songs we want to listen should mimic that...


TODAY is the Day, So Make it Happen!

Here’s a seven-word sentence that encompasses everything you must do to really, truly live your dream: Move your dream from someday to now. It’s fun to dream, to think about what you would like...


The Lazy Man’s Way to the Best Year Yet

Originally by Stephen Borgman for Person Success Factors In this article, I’m going to show you that you need to take what you learned both from your victories and your disappointments, and unearth the...

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