Weekend Stress Relief Tips


If you want to feel fresh on Monday morning, it is important you get some relaxation time on the weekend. If you have run out of ideas how to relieve stress in the weekend, this post is just for you.

Here are five weekend stress relief tips you can try.

1. Push the Off button

Reserve some time for uninterrupted relaxation and stress relief. Turn off your phone and all social networks. Let´s be honest, you don´t need to be online all the time or check Facebook or emails for several times a day. Find weekend stress relief from uninterrupted quiet time. At first it may feel strange, but as you get used to it, you´ll love it.

2. Go and see something funny

Funny things are always good for stress relief. See a comedy movie at the cinema or visit a live comedy performance. Laughter is good for your mental health and helps you to relieve stress.

3. Ignore the “important activities”

Weekend stress relief starts from obligation free time. Most probably you have planned some cleaning, laundry or grocery shopping for the weekend. Take the list and find ways to delete some of the lines. Is there a way to ignore or postpone some activities, or maybe there is a possibility to outsource something? By ignoring or moving some of the “important activities” you´ll be able to do other, more entertaining, things.

4. Do something you haven´t done before

It´s easier said than done, but it is not an impossible task. Here are some ideas – visit a museum, discover new places in your neighborhood, hug a tree, take a pottery or painting course or visit a planetarium.

5. Do some volunteer work

For example, visit your nearest animal shelter and play with dogs. Take them out for a walk. Contact a volunteer organization and see what kind of great things they have to offer. Volunteer work creates a good feeling and as a bonus you meet new people.

Hopefully these weekend stress relief tips gave you some new ideas.

How do you relax during the weekend? Feel free and share your weekend stress relief tips in the comments below.

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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