Why So Many Americans Lack Work Ambition


Do you suffer from lack of ambition?

  • Are you uninspired to create and pursue your dream life?
  • Are you sitting on the fence about which career path to take?
  • Are you stuck in a job you dread but fearful of starting over?
  • Have you settled for less than you really want out of life?

Whether you’re confused about what you really want, or just can’t seem to get moving toward something, you may need to get clear on what’s really holding you back. 

Lack of ambition is the absence of the desire to strive toward achievement.

For many people, it manifests as an inability to consistently take action toward goals – for others, it may even include the inability to create goals in the first place!

There are several reasons why you may be feeling a lack of ambition:

You Lack Clear Priorities & Goals
Are you driving your own bus? Or are you trying to live up to other people’s expectations of how you should live your life?

Often we unconsciously feel we might disappoint others if we give up their dreams for our own. Get clear on what you really want for yourself, not on what others want for you!

You’re Not Living in Alignment with Your Inner Values
If you’re stuck in a job or a living situation where you are expected to do things that are incongruent with your personal values, you may be stuck in a pattern of inaction.

This is often the result of the Inner Critic, who tells us we “should” be thankful for what we have, regardless of whether it is what we really want or not.

The Inner Critic is that little voice in our head – the voice of our parents, our teachers, or society that chides us for being “unrealistic” and lays down rules for us about what we can and can’t have in life. Identify what voices or messages are holding you back from living in alignment with your inner values!

You’re Refusing to Take Full Responsibility for Your Own Life
Without accepting full responsibility for the direction of your life, you will not be able to commit to a plan of action, and you will ultimately remain sitting on the fence.

It’s easy to blame people and situations for our failure to move forward in life. Ask yourself why you procrastinate and refuse to commit to a path of action. Are you afraid of failure? Of success? Of change?

All of these reasons for lack of ambition can be summed-up as inaction and procrastination. It’s important to understand that both are simply other words for fear.

ear is always at the core of our inability to move forward in life. Change is often uncomfortable, and fear is a natural reaction. A great way to begin working through your fears is through personal development worksheets.

It takes courage and commitment to face fear and move toward change. By exploring the reasons behind our inaction and procrastination, we can begin taking positive steps toward creating the life we really want!

We lost something important when we made a tacit agreement to keep quiet about our ambition.

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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