10 Spiritual Gifts You Didn’t Know You Already Have


You already know you’ve got some spiritual gifts, the problem is that we forget. We’ve created a personal resource list for building your spiritual capacity so that you can step into your life with more power and grace.  Peppered throughout this list are short activities that can be done right now to build up your spiritual gifts.  A little bit a day will go a long way.

1) The Wisdom of Your Inner Voice

We so often let the intellect override our inner voice.  Think of intuition as residing in the body as your physical sensations.  When confused about a course of action to take, double check with your body sensations, especially the belly area.  ‘Yes’ usually feels more expansive and ‘no’ feels tight and constricted.  You can cross reference your intuition with your thinking mind, but don’t let the mind call all the shots; often the body, the inner voice, knows best.

2) The Power of Your Outer Voice

Tension for many of us builds in the neck and throat, inhibiting our ability to use our voice with confidence.  Take time to sing a favorite song everyday, singing and laughing the tension out of the body.  Think about daily cleansing breaths with sound also.  Try this:  Inhale your arms up into a “V” above your head and exhale with a long slow “ahhhhhhhhh” slowly increasing the volume as you go.   The universe wants to hear your voice!

3) Deeply Connected Silence

Feeling lost or confused about a decision? Going for a hike in nature and being quiet for a few hours will allow the deeper answers to find you.  At least once a week, I try to get out for a walk in the forest and it is then, in the stillness, that my emotional blockages and my life passions become clear.  Challenge yourself to stop along the way and be still so you can be open to your silence.

4) Breathing Yourself into Being

Every time we remember to breathe deeply we stimulate the “rest and digest” nervous system and get out of the “fight, flight, freeze” panic mode.  In our conscious breath, we reduce stress and anxiety and invite calm.  As I mentioned, we forget every day, every hour, to breathe deeply. Try this on, for one day set a timer to go off every hour.  Let the chime be a reminder to take three inhales and long exhales. Be aware of the calming effect of your breath.

5) Your Gaze

As a yoga teacher I see students, even advanced ones, holding a pose very still while their eyes are wandering.  Wandering eyes means the mind is wandering too.  Go to the next level and still the eyes. This goes not only for yoga poses but also for communicating with others.  Challenge yourself to stay connected with your gaze to others.  For fun and focus try tree pose while staring at a fixed location for one minute, several times throughout the day.  Yes, yoga can be that portable and deployable, and your gaze will become more focused.

6) Your Pack o’ Peeps

Many of us have the “lone wolf” mentality when it comes to self-improvement;  we think “I’ve got to solve this on my own”.  Imagine the people in your life as part of a personal growth tool belt. There are so many people around you waiting to be there for you, break through and reach out; call on them for feedback.   As a first step, brainstorm a list of 12 people to whom you’d like to be closer and then schedule lunch dates with them individually.  I try to have at least one meeting a week with a friend to maintain and strengthen my openness and connection.

7) Get in Your Friend’s Tool Belt

This goes hand in hand with the previous gift.  You are part of someone else’s community, someone else’s tool belt.   Step up and reach out to a friend.  The greatest gift we can offer is often just being there and listening to a friend and reflecting back that they have been heard and are not alone.

8) Being Someone’s Karate Kid Master

Selfless service makes you feel good.  If you are not already volunteering some of your time can you, for one or two hours a week?  I’ve been a volunteer yoga teacher for teen boys in lockdown for drug and alcohol offenses.  It is quite challenging, yet, every time, I leave feeling so energized by actively being the change I want to see in the world.  Try volunteering in a soup kitchen, at the senior center, the animal shelter.  It will fill your heart with compassion and joy, and your time will be well spent.

9) That 9-5 thing

If you are currently working, whether you love it or not, use your current job as a laboratory to see what activities you love to do.  As months, years, and careers go on you have the opportunity to do more and more of what you love to do.  I’ve had at least 20 jobs in seven different careers.  With each one I’m doing more and more of what brings me joy. So allow yourself to look at your job as a laboratory of experimentation.

10) Your Bliss!

What do you love to do?   Get laser clear with this one.  Try this:  Write five activities that you love to do on a piece of paper and put it on the wall where you will see it everyday.  I did this a number of years ago and it’s been amazing.  All five are now in my life in a much bigger way.  When you do things you love to do, you create more joy and self-worth and you have more energy to take on the world, in bliss!

Take action to get yourself back to your place of power, joy, and focus.  When in doubt come back to this list and see what’s not activated.

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Thoughtware.com Team

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