5 Excuses You Must Stop Making A.S.A.P


Excuses comprise the root of much of our self-destructive behavior. People make excuses to prevent themselves from achieving greatness. This is a horrible mistake to make in life because all you are doing is sabotaging yourself.

Seize each opportunity that is presented to you and immerse yourself completely. Do not make excuses because you will only hinder your own personal progress. If you want results, you need to stop making excuses. Work hard because that is the only way you will garner the largest and most beneficial results.

These are the excuses you need to stop making, starting today:

“I’m too busy.”

It’s our natural tendency to live life in a “time famine,” always going from one thing to the next with no real moments of pause. Taking some time to relax can offer numerous health and happiness benefits so it’s time to stop excusing ourselves from a little downtime.

“It’s too expensive.”

That’s not to say we should all be spending outside of our means, but when an opportunity of a lifetime comes into play — why not grab it? Studies have shown that we are happier when we put our finances toward experiences not things. That weekly Chipotle habit or monthly sundress splurge may seem harmless at first, but wouldn’t you rather indulge in one trip or concert of a lifetime instead?

“I can’t take time off.”

If we’re always plugged into our jobs, sooner or later burnout will catch up to us. Making some time for a vacation — whether it’s a week or a weekend — not only has the potential to increase your happiness levels, but can provide the perfect opportunity to recharge. Ditch your phones, ditch your emails and just be. You’ll be much more productive when you come back.

“I don’t know how.”

Trying new experiences can be scary — but they also can be incredibly liberating. “Practice makes perfect”. he longevity of the phrase “practice makes perfect” isn’t coincidental — it exists because it’s true. And once you try something (like meditating), you’ll better yourself and better your capacity to feel joy.

“I can do it later.”

How many times have we postponed our dreams? We become so bogged down by our to-do lists that we forget about our bucket lists — and before we know it, a large chunk of time has passed. Studies have shown that having specific goals and going for them can boost our happiness. So whether it’s that trip to Spain or just the aim to make someone smile, don’t put it off until later. Besides, procrastination isn’t really good for you, anyway.

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Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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