Consciously Choose To Begin Paying It Foward


In our world today, the things that make the big news are the “big things.” Even the most humble things only get addressed when they become a big movement, such as the publicity around the charitable works of Mother Theresa and “paying it forward”.

Does this mean that unless we do those “big things,” our lives are valueless? Absolutely not. We have the capability to consciously choose to do small things and in this way, we create value for ourselves, the others in our lives, and the world at large. When you change your baby’s diaper, you create health and harmony for your child – which let’s your neighbors rest well at night – which allows for greater productivity for him at work the next day – which permits the company where he works to flourish – which heightens the profitability and success of the country where he lives, and so on, and so on. And remember, this chain of events had very humble beginnings and it the idea behind paying it forward.

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Source: Change Coaching Institute

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