Talk About Genius! Meet Vegetable Art

Using vegetables of all shapes and sizes, Chinese artist, Ju Duoqi, recreates famous masterpieces, like The Last Supper, or Mona Lisa. Graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and working as a website and computer game designer, her artand thinking of converting the vegetable into portraits and figures is extraordinary.

Interesting fact: Ju Duoqi hardly ever leaves her home, and when she does she rarely travels for over 15 km, so she created her vegetable art for all women who love their home. She considers it an environmental way of bringing art and life together.

The Vegetable Museum


The Vegetable Revolution


The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Pickled Cabbage


Last Vegetable


Van Gogh made of Leek


Mona Tofu


Napoleon on Potatos


Cabbage Monroe

All pictures credited to Team Team

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