Being Average is Too Mainstream


Raising the bar won’t hurt.

Trying to fit into average is how many of us go along in our daily activities. As professionals and family members, sometimes not even realizing so; we fall victims of our own routines and the standards we set for ourselves, trying to simply go along with the daily burden. No crime here, everyone takes this road every now and then, in which we feel comfort on just coping with the situations and where going the “extra mile” is not needed. Let’s face it, if this is applied to every aspect of our lives most likely it will be the first step towards mediocrity.

Here are a few pointers that will help you to get out of the mainstream zone and start to pump up a little excellence to your everyday life:

  1. Perspective: Average people see the problem; visionaries provide solutions. If there is something that goes hand by hand with perspective is personality. Developing and embracing your personality by focusing solely on your opportunity areas and strengths by not forcing a predetermined way of thinking will allow you to have a wider perspective not only of yourself but  of the world that surrounds you; helping you to provide thoughtful and effective solutions for any problem that life encounters you with.
  1. Going the Extra Mile: Average people provide the solution they are asked to deliver; visionaries provide the solution that is needed. Whenever you are assigned a task in any area of your life, it is now a social standard for you to take the easiest and fastest route to complete it, providing only standard quality. Being it some project at work or some family task, doing more than asked and “going the extra mile” in such task will surprise and delight those around you.
  1. Diverse Routine: Average people cope with daily life; visionaries live an exciting blend of creativity and variety. Avoid creating a rigid routine around your daily life; this will only create tension and boredom. Adding one or two extracurricular activities to your schedule and mixing them with friends and family is a great way to bond and to enjoy your own personal passions. Let us be the ones who change the routine and not the routine the one to change us!
  1. Raise the bar: Average people achieve to maintain standards; visionaries set new standards every day. If today was good, make tomorrow even better. Setting higher standards based on reasonable goals that can be reached will keep us striving for excellence, always on the look for better versions for ourselves, ready to deliver in every aspect of our lives.

To avoid falling into average quality, always DREAM:

Develop your personality to have a better perspective.

Raise the bar!

Excellence is your new quality standard.

Always go the extra mile.

Modify your routine to stay creative and relaxed.


About the author: Cristian Aguilar is a happy talkative free thinker that is into traveling, gadgets, video game addiction, poetry, writing, psychology, engineering, unicorns and internet cat jokes; a spontaneous set of harmonious variables that result in randomness and uniqueness , taking every day as new opportunity to find a little more of himself in others. Follow him on Twitter @C7Aguilar Team Team

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