Simple Ways To Feel Connected To Your Surrounding

“Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities.” – Dalai Lama


Who are we really? We are beings of great magnitude who believe many things about ourselves and the world. How we get out of the situation we find ourselves in depends on what we will believe about ourselves to heal our world.If you want to be part of the change, then it’s time to take responsibility for your thoughts and beliefs about the world. We affect every relationship with what we believe about relationships. We change the world when we change our beliefs.

Here are 5 cool ways to connect to that inner self and the world surrounding you:

1. Get lost somewhere.

Don’t journey back for the sake of being found, but for the sake of seeing. When you don’t know where you’re going, you pay most attention to what’s at hand.

2. Be mindful of what you eat.

Consider what’s in it, don’t just count calories. Keep a food journal and log how making healthier choices affects your mood and your day overall. Replace coffee with a super nutritious breakfast.

3.Stay close to the heart of nature.

Understand that connecting to the world usually requires disconnecting from your screens that show you selected projections of the world, so do that. Go for a walk without music, step on the grass barefoot, put your hands in the water if you live near any lakes or rivers, leave yourself nothing to do but be present.

 4. Learn something about what you experience on a daily basis.

Even if it’s as simple and silly as learning about a star constellation via your horoscope and then looking at it when you go outside at night. Look up how your food is made, what your favorite store supports, where your day-to-day consumption comes from. I guarantee you’ll be surprised. 

5. Stop distancing yourself by choice.

Stop avoiding benches because someone else is also sitting on it. Don’t gaze away from meeting someone’s eye contact. Smile. Say “hi.” Tell them your name. Tell them to have a great day. The separation only exists in your mind.

Shift your monotonous mindset and routine. Try and learn something new. Don’t settle for anything less than great and see what happens next… 

Photo credit: Flickr user JuliaDono Team Team

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