Benefits of Waking up Early – Top 10 Tips Reasons


The benefits of waking up early are many and strong. No doubt. Therefore we have listed a top 10 favorite reasons why you should become an early riser as well. If you are able to consistently wake up early you will reap all of these benefits.

1. Start Successful

Starting the day by doing something for you, what you truly want, is nothing else than the beginning of a successful day. Success breeds success and you just gave yourself a hell of a head start.

Basically, by accomplishing something before you join the normal rhythm of the day is a great feeling. Whether it’s exercising, studying, writing, cooking or something else you really enjoy, you will have done something tangible. This lets you relax more during the rest of the day as well as puts you in the right track for more great achievements.

2. Eliminate Stress

Of all the benefits of waking up early, this is one that few consider. You actually have the chance to always be one step ahead as your day unfolds if you wake up early. This is a great way to quickly reduce stress.

Haven’t you experienced those mornings where you wake up just to realize that you’re already late? So you rush to get dressed, make some food, brush your teeth, take your bag and run out the door. Before school or work even started your head is all over the place and your pulse is sky high.

Now, this is not very good morning and really sets a negative tone for the rest of your day. So give yourself the time to take it easy and decide yourself how you want to start your day.

3. Use Your Peak Time

When you have a good wake up habit, the mornings are truly the best time of the day. That extra clarity you have before your mind gets cluttered is priceless. When you sit down to do something in the evenings you can often notice the mind wandering away to all the events and impressions during the day that has past. This reduces your ability to produce great results in whatever you spend your time on.

Your focus and alertness are at its peak time in the mornings, so use this fact to really get results in your life. No wonder why so many successful people have had a long-lasting habit of waking up early.

4. Use The Quiet Time

The morning time is truly special. The quietude surrounding us is extraordinary and this has really made me appreciate those extra hours before the world wakes up again. It gives you time to really think without disturbances, to read without interruptions and to live without noise.

This is the ideal for you if you want to dig a bit deeper into your mind or if just want to be able to find that calm feeling to carry with you throughout the day.

5. Eliminate Procrastination

It’s so easy that our plans for the evening happen to be postponed. Exercise is replaced by watching TV. Studying is replaced by being with friends. Meditation is replaced by taking care of kids. There’s always something that can come up when you make plans for the evenings.

That’s the difference compared to the mornings. Nothing can come between you and your hobby, your exercise or your book. You now have full control of what you would like to spend your time doing. The only thing you must master is to wake up early.

6. Exercise Early And Reap The Benefits

This is my absolute favorite way to start a brand new day. To get my body moving and my blood pumping right after a good sleep is incredible rewarding. Early morning exercise will give you several strong benefits, but you will only get a glimpse of them if you manage to wake up early.

First of all, you get it done! You won’t have the same excuses as when trying to do it in the evening instead. Nothing is in your way. Second of all, you will reap the benefits throughout the day. Your body will continue to burn fat and you will be more alert and energetic in all your endeavors And third of all, you will really feel that you already accomplished something that day and there’s a high chance you will continue to get results.

7. Sleep Better

If you’re experiencing any type of sleep problems, then out of all the benefits of waking up early this might be the most important one for you. Actually, you are very likely to improve your sleep quality by waking up early. By developing a habit of waking up at a specific time, your will inevitable also feel tired at around the same time every evening. This way the body will develop a very strong sleeping pattern that will make the quality of your sleep go way up.

When your body knows what time you will go to sleep and what time you will wake up, it will be able to adjust its sleep cycles to fit your schedule. That way, you will also wake up more alert than before.

8. Travel Easier

This is one of the really practical benefits of waking up early. Let’s face it, if you’re up and able to go to work before everyone else, then you’re trip will also be far more enjoyable and easy. The streets are emptier, you can get a seat at the metro and you can take up some space on the sidewalks. It just makes your life easier.

9. Eat Well

“Eat your breakfast like a king, share your lunch with a friend and give your dinner to your enemy”

– Buddha

The breakfast is really the most important meal of the day so don’t eat in stress or skip it. After a long nights sleep, your body is craving for energy to get going. If you don’t give it, your body will react with entering starvation mode where it starts to break down your muscles instead.

The food you eat in the morning is supposed to keep you highly active for half a day, so take your time to plan a good breakfast. And when being an early riser, it’s actually even more important than before that you get good and enough food since lunch time is even further away from your wake up time.

10. Succeed in Life

According to numerous studies, early risers and morning people reap a whole bunch of benefits. Their grades are higher, they are more proactive, better planners and more optimistic.

In general, they also achieve more in life as well as live healthier and happier lives. So why not try the recipe for success yourself Team Team

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