Follow Your Intuition and Change the World

Living an inspired life means using your courage to follow that feeling that makes you come alive.

This article was written by Kirra Sherman for Identity Magazine

While following your intuition at first may be a small act of revolution, it can lead to realizations that change the fabric of your life experience. Little by little, moment by moment, you’re going to feel more and more alive. And you’re giving space to others in the world to use their courage to follow their hearts, too.

Because that one feeling to do something or be someone out in the world may span only one moment of inspiration, but isn’t each one moment an important piece in the bigger picture of your life?

To me, living an inspired life can be as simple as opening your heart while speaking to another in the face of rejection. Or, it may look like speaking what you honestly feel when you may be in danger of hurting someone else.

It may be to start a new business, or offer a simple act of kindness to a stranger, or call someone, or be vulnerable; or it can be to start a movement, even if it’s just a movement of one. Doesn’t it only take one to change the world?

Living an inspired life means using your courage to follow that feeling that makes you come alive instead of denying it.

Do you not experience a certain freedom when you stand up for what’s true for you? And do you not feel more alive when you accomplish something your heart calls for?

And have you ever noticed how when you do what’s true for you that you allow others to experience what’s true for them—whether their experience is positive or negative? Isn’t that selfish?, one might ask. If you’re following your heart, it’s called being “self-less.” Perhaps consider a time where you spoke a truth that at first may have bothered someone, but eventually led to a closer relationship, or ended a relationship that was no longer true.

One of the biggest impediments to following your inner feelings is a fear of change, especially when it appears you have something to lose. Have you ever experienced a knowing or inspiration, and then thoughts started to pile up and talk you out of following your idea? Those thoughts can come from a fear of losing your current state of circumstances. But aren’t we the most creative and at our best when we act as though we have nothing to lose? It’s freeing to be true to your heart.

Following “the road less traveled” is likely to bring you towards the edge of your comfort zone partly so that you can expand beyond it. Because a feeling of freedom is on the other side of choosing to follow your intuition, but not often without facing an internal challenge along the way. That’s why it’s less traveled.

One of the best ways to face a challenge is to acknowledge any emotions that arise in the process. Embrace both negative and positive thoughts that can ignite from a decision to follow your truth.

Feel everything rather than resist anything. With the power of non-resistance, you are armed with an ability to choose what you love without denying any reactions it may cause. This is using the power of acceptance. Tell the truth to yourself about the perceived limitations: The truth is, “I’m not that limitation.”

We all see different versions of the world based on our experience of it, which shapes our perception. Some people see a world in need of change, one that may be going in the “wrong” direction. Others see a world full of unity, inspiration, and the markings of peaceful connections going in a direction of “perfection.” What we see in the world is a reflection of what we see in ourselves.

If you don’t love certain aspects of your life, ask yourself how you’re showing up in your life because those aspects are reflections of your choices and who you’re being.

A movement to inspire and be inspired is ultimately about what you want to experience in your life. For when you live in your feeling of truth, you’re being a part of the change you want to see in the world.

You can always say no to your truth because of fear of change, or because of limiting thoughts that can cause doubt. “Who am I to…” or “what if the world rejects me…” But really, who are you not to?
In times of doubt ask yourself: What would the world look like if Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t speak his truth… Or Einstein didn’t act on his Intuition to discover …Or John Lennon didn’t move to the beat of his own drum in the face of world rejection? Team Team

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