The 10 Things That Make You Cool


Want the popular crew to invite you to sit at their lunch table? (You know… at the office?) Here’s the list of things to work on. 

Everyone wants to be cool, yet not everyone is cool. But the truth is that there are no secrets to being cool; it’s about who you are and how you behave. But there are things that you can do to bring out the cool in you.

Here are some tips that’ll show you how to look and sound cool with your friends. Use them if you need them, and you’ll transform yourself into one of the socially adept — and your friends will look forward to hanging out with you.

TOP 10

  • Hedonistic (fun, partying). There’s nothing cooler than being the life of the party.
  • Emotionally controlled (aloof, calm).This is one of the most “classic cool” qualities. Granted, “emotionally stable” are so cool.
  • Confident (self-assured).Confidence is intuitively a top component of coolness.
  • Humorous (funny, hilarious). This feels like just about the right spot. Having a good sense of humor can take you places.
  • Prosocial (caring, honest). Nothing better than an understanding human being that gets to relate to each of us as if it were themselves.
  • Unconventional (individualistic, unique). There’s a fine line between being a unique individual and being over the top unique. Just keep beig real yet simple. 
  • Trendy (current, hip). Everybody craves for a friend that knowsexactly what to do, where, when and what to wear. It’s like a bonus.
  • Personal competence (smart, talented). Being educated is also a great asset here. Having a wide knowledge will generate cool conversation opportunities.
  • Friendly (social, popular). The best way to be cool is to be nice to people. Open, friendly and straight forward.
  • Social media friendly. Ahh we are finally here. This is perhaps the best way to feed your coolness. This heaven sent tool will allow you to interact with all your peers at every moment of the day. Where you get to be easilly loved or hated. Either way, you are important to them. Team Team

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