Monthly Archive: July 2013


Watch Out for Time Wasters!

  Have a three thousand word essay to turn in tomorrow? Your expense report is overdue? You haven’t made time for cleaning your house? And why is your pizza not there yet? A common...


Never Lose Your Inspiration!

   It isn’t uncommon that sometimes we need to be reminded that life is good and that we’re capable of anything. Inspiration is something that comes and goes to most of us, especially on...


Be Focused, Kill Squirrels

By Deron Quon This week I want to address focus.  Some people have it, I on the other hand…oh look, a squirrel! Yes, the squirrel joke and analogy about attention deficit disorder was often...


Keep Your Cool and Relax at Work

One of the biggest causes of stress in peoples’ lives is undoubtedly work. In the workplace stress can come from almost every angle, whether it’s the tasks you are expected to do, the people...


Being Average is Too Mainstream

Raising the bar won’t hurt. Trying to fit into average is how many of us go along in our daily activities. As professionals and family members, sometimes not even realizing so; we fall victims...


The Art of Mastering Life

Did you ever think it was possible to do everything you wanted? In this article I’m going to try my best to explain to you according to my personal experiences how to reach the...

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