Find Your Passion And Avoid Deadly Traps!


A lot of people are finding out that following their passion is fraught with difficulty, pain and suffering, and sometimes it’s unbearable. But what if they’re mistaken and it’s not their passion that they are following?

Whatever your dream is, that’s your passion. Right? Not so fast. That’s not always the case and if you’re someone who has fallen for this trap it could be the reason you are miserably following the wrong path.

Then again, maybe you have found your passion. In that case this post will likely be irrelevant to you. Unless you’re in the trap and merely think you’ve found your passion.

Achieving your dream

Common wisdom dictates that following your passion is living your dream.

But what is your dream? What’s so special about it? And, finally, what are you willing to struggle through to achieve it?

Those are three very important questions and if you can answer all three of them you may be able to determine if you’re following your passion or in the trap. We’ll go over the questions together in a moment.

How far are you willing to go for a dream?

It’s great to have a dream about standing on the podium in glory and lining your pockets with prize money, but that’s the dream, the end result. There’s another part of the dream, though, it’s the part you don’t actually enjoy if you’re not following your passion.

The part I’m talking about is giving up major parts of your life to pursue your dream, spending every waking hour practicing, striving and struggling to get just a little bit better and doing everything and anything that is absolutely necessary to achieve victory.

Passion is not always what movies make it out to be, especially if you’re going after the wrong dream.

Why is the trap deadly?

Because of the years of life it can steal from you. Don’t get me wrong, I learned many valuable lessons I would not have learned otherwise and I do believe things happen for a reason.

What’s your passion?

Passion is when you love doing something for the sake of doing it, regardless of what it may or may not lead to. In pool I was striving for a result, but what I had to do to get said result was killing me inside.

3 very important questions about your dream:

Most of us dream wonderful dreams of grandeur and that’s okay, but it’s imperative to know if the dream your striving for is your passion or not, and these three questions may help.

1) What is your dream?

2) What’s so special about it?

3) What are you willing to struggle through to achieve it and how far are you willing to go? 

Have you found your passion? Share your thoughts below! Team Team

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